Nepal  Afforesting

Wasteland Afforestation Project in Godawari, Nepal


The first 802 trees have been planted in Nepal 22.-23.10.2022. In the project, we have been cooperating together with the Nepalese Forest Office and the local Community Forest User Group (CFUG) of Durgalashmi, which is managed by 13 women.


BellaForest operates in Nepal through the non-profit company BellaForest Nepal. We have created a concept in which BellaForest inspires local operators to engage in afforesting projects by offering Finnish forestry expertise, and technical and financial support.


Project objectives


  • Implement an afforestation project that is locally useful and achieves genuine climate and environmental benefits

  • Involve local forest user groups in planting activities and draw their attention to the protection and care of forests

  • Create a network that supports the forest community in terms of development and management.
















Afforestation project Durgalaksmin women CFUG, Attariya, Godawari, Kailali.



The trees have been planted in the wasteland surrounding Lake Lami. This area was selected for the project in part also because the area has great potential to increase recreational values ​​for forest users. The forest community also has a credible plan to develop nature tourism in the area together with the local forest office.


The 802 trees planted include mostly neem trees, whose fruits can be eaten and whose seeds can be made into nature-friendly oil; ambla tree, which is also mainly grown for its fruit and as a medicinal plant; teak trees, which is the natural and most cultivated tree species in the area; Jacaranda and Kalki flower trees that add to the comfort and beauty of the area.
















The points are shown on the map mark the location of the planted trees around Lake Lami.



What happens to forests after planting?



The forests are officially owned by the Nepalese state, which is also in the last hand responsible for updating its forest plan. However, the area has been completely handed over to the use of the women's forest association, which is responsible for the management of the area and is allowed to use the resources obtained from the forest and the area itself for the needs of the village community.


Link to the local news agency (Nepali language):



More material, pictures, and videos will be actively updated in November.

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