About Us


Bellaforest founder, Jouni Järvinen envisioned the afforestation project in late 2020 and is invested in its fruition. Therefore, the project's core team is Secured and is working at a rapid pace. The company's goal is to grow into a pioneer in afforestation, both in Finland and worldwide. There was a desire to add beauty to this vision. The beautiful Forests planted by BellaForest are designed to combine forest biodiversity, forestry, and recreational values. 



Our Team


Finnish forest professionals with experience in development cooperation efforts in non-profit organizations, marketers and sales experts, as well as project Managers. We act responsibly and always make decisions towards improving the world. Our team approach is resourceful and innovative. We have grown rapidly with our skillsets including creativity, common sense, and strong forest expertise. 




As a non-profit, social enterprise, BellaForest is built to do good and with high quality. Our goal is to grow in a few years, both in Finland and internationally, into a service house for afforestation professionals.



-Jouni Järvinen



As a non-profit company, we want be building happiness, one seedling at a time.