Loviisa arboretum


The Arboretum serves as a tree park for the community and a destination for tourist to enjoy in the future. The project will provide a green space that will increase the attractiveness and comfort of the area. 
The Loviisa arboretum- tree species park, is an area of ​​approximately 1.4 hectares in the city of Liljendal, where we advertise over 30 planted tree species and other tree nourishing plants. The arboretum will create a comfortable area for both locals and visitors. The growth and well-being of these trees are monitored year-round by members of the Bellaforest community.

















The arboretum is always open to recreational users, researchers, students and potential clients.  The Arboretum is equipped with signposts to help guide visitors in identifying tree species.  A great destination for families with children - encouraging children and young people to be involved in developing a lifelong connection with the forest. Walking in the arboretum reduces stress – so feel free to come to the arboretum to rest and relax in nature. 
















Bellaforest will start planting trees to create the Loviisa Arboretum in the summer of 2021.  


















We want to hear from the community. Share your ideas and visions for the arboretum. Suggest a tree species that you would like to see in the park. Our team is happy to answer any questions, so feel free to contact us by phone, email or phone! 
Participate in the establishment of the arboretum-become an arboretum sponsor. 
















Companies, communities and municipalities have the opportunity to become arboretum sponsors. As an arboretum sponsor, you can concretely help the project progress. Together with the arboretum sponsors, we work for the benefit of people, the environment and the climate. By supporting the project, you will get your own title sign, brand visibility and a great leisure destination for your work community from the edge of nature. 
Ask more about the benefits of sponsorship and check out the Companies tab at 
Additional information: Samu Suoninen 050 434 9123 




We can all make remarkable things. Ask us more about your own "name tree" in Arboretums or let us know your interest about voluntarily work.

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