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Enjoying Nature



Forests are a beautiful and relaxing environment that is much more than just the value of the wood




Achieved Together



We are actively looking for communities who are interested in planting work, environmental education, or an arboretum project.





We want to focus our operations on how we can increase carbon sinks, forest diversity, and social responsibility.

We are known for creating arboretums and facilitating afforesting projects.

BellaForest is a team of forest professionals, who bring new solutions for the development of forests in Finland and internationally.

Finnish Start-Up with a Big Heart


Own Arboretum

With a big heart we focus on the most important matters:


  • Fighting against climate change, protecting the biodiversity

  • Sustainably constructing afforestation projects

  • Keeping the local people a big part in the projects


A versatile forest designed just the way you want it.


  • More diversity and natural values

  • Better for recreational use

  • More resistant to diseases and other deforestation

  • Diverse income from the forest